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Early in my chukar hunting career, I was invited on a week-long hunt by my good friend, Jeff. After passing an extensive security clearance, my presence was tentatively accepted by most of the bird camp brotherhood.  Erskine remained skeptical.  In hushed tones, each day's hunt was planned in secrecy before I emerged from the wall tent.  Erskine stood sentinel over the best spots, forbidding the release of information that would lead to the furtherance of my education.  

Circuitous routes were taken to B rated spots and my GPS was confiscated.  Still, I managed to enjoy a good hunt and even found a covert that remains a favorite to this day.  I call it Erskine Ridge.

Hunting spots are passionately guarded by the chukar hunting fraternity.  It is considered poor form
Mitch good day
Mitch (the Master) with our take for the day: 2 limits of chukar and a few huns as a bonus.
to ask "where'd you go"; however, it is acceptable to ask what state you were hunting.  I would rather give you my social security number than the coordinates of my favorite hunting spots.  
The good news is that good chukar country is plentiful and not hard to find.  In Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada, there are millions of acres of public ground with good habitat.  Unless you know someone crazy enough to share locations with you, simply pick an area and start riding.  These maps and brochures should help get you started:


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